Modern micro Western landscape photographs: stereoscopic 3D macro images of shiny marketing-phrase-covered litter objects decaying in-situ amidst the flowing geology and flora of Southwestern USA deserts, mountains, and beaches.


The three-dimensional photographs are composed of two nearly-identical exposures, one for each eye. They are offered as full-color chrome transparency pairs, with each pair aligned and hand-mounted together into single durable 41mm x 101mm plastic stereomount slide by the artist.

They are sold and exhibited in simple viewers that are similar to binoculars, which may be hand-held or exhibited on stands, walls & windows.  For displaying the series as a collection, an elegant, electric tabletop rotary viewer is available.

Further details about the edition size and the exhibition formats are found at the bottom of this page. Additionally, a book may be produced, with lenses built into a flap in the cover.

Series statement:

I came upon these objects in their natural settings with the fascination and exhilaration of an archaeologist: "Wow, a footprint with the Nike swoosh", "a Hustler Magazine subscription card, can you believe?", and so on. In bringing my eyes to the ground, I was surprised at how simply and efficiently these tiny scenes conveyed essential qualities of much larger phenomena. All express something indicative of our culture at large -- from humorous spelling and outlandish graphic design to the unknown acts that brought these objects to their current state of rest. Their environs, and their processes of decay, display the flow patterns of the natural world, both gnarled and sublime.

The currents we observe in our society and natural world also have detail and complexity (in a fractal manner expressing self-similarity across scales, no less) down at this microcosmic level. I find it entertaining that the light playing across a freshly-ground grain of sand offers up the same sense of magnificence as that which illuminates a monument.

Each object was photographed as found, undisturbed.

The images on this site are standard 2D. They display a sense of the content of the photographs but not a sense of the beautiful immersion offered by the actual works.